Our first store opened! Box Park, Jumeirah
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    Welcome to our showroom in Box Park
    City: bestselling collection by James Patterson
    All items<br>in stock
    Welcome to our showroom in Box Park
    City: bestselling collection by James Patterson
    All items
    in stock
    Box Park, Al Wasl Road, Dubai Unit M1-02
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    Every home tells a story, it is a place to build connections and memories. Dantone Home is your one-stop destination to find everything you need to create a space that’s uniquely yours. DH’s Dubai showroom features our bestselling pieces in a wide range of styles – from mid-century and contemporary to art-deco and ethnic designs – all in stock and ready to be delivered to your dream home.
    We take great pride in our design and manufacturing practices. Extraordinary care goes into selecting the materials to insure the highest quality and comfort of every collection, as well as hand picking the suppliers able to materialize our vision impeccably so that you receive the signature Dantone Home experience at every touch. Carefully curated showrooms’ collections embody company’s timeless values – sophistication, comfort and warmth.
    Founded in 2014, Dantone Home started as an independent American style furniture design and manufacturing brand, and continued the search for its own unique approach.
    Active collaborations with many interior designers and architects together with extensive exploration and experimentation with styles, shapes and textures brought us deep understanding of the true demands of our clients. We expanded our style range to include mid-century, contemporary, japandi designs, and the partnerships with British and Italian designers allowed us to create a series of timeless collections that are still among our bestsellers.
    Become part of Dantone family – join our diverse international team.
    Brought together by a shared passion for interior design, we drive innovation by constantly testing ideas, perfecting existing practices, curating young talents and guiding initiatives.
    We are growing rapidly and are always open to fresh ideas and collaborations.
    We live and breathe interior design and are constantly on the look out for new shapes, materials and solutions, drawing inspiration from everything that surrounds us.
    Dantone family is a very diverse group all belonging to different generations and lifestyles, so when we put our minds together we create truly timeless yet charismatic pieces outside of fleeting fashions and trends. Your ultimate comfort is our main purpose.
    We believe that the house should reflect the inner world of the owners and serve as a comfortable space for living. The Dantone Home range includes soft sofas for family viewing, showcases for memorabilia and simply beautiful things that make a home a home.
    Since 2014, we have been designing and manufacturing furniture in Russia with great attention to detail, constantly improving technologies and choosing the best materials.
    Dantone Home was founded in 2014 as an independent furniture brand in a new format. We presented our vision of stylish and functional furniture and immediately found like-minded people in the face of our guests
    We look to the future and build far-reaching plans, the implementation of which is impossible without joint development. Join a team of professionals who are truly passionate about their work
    Dantone Home is not just a furniture brand or showroom chain. This is also our team and the microclimate that has been established in it. We achieve high results and do not forget to enjoy the process!